Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The title is what my roommate used to yell every time I came in the room with another cup of tea. Honestly, she should have shouted it every time that I fired up my webcomic bookmark tag as well. Of course, I think her boyfriend is even more addicted to the things than I am. They're like pringles or something. You can never have just one. Yes, I didn't put "Webcomics" up as a possible topic for this blog, but it is my blog so meh. *sticks tongue out*

Actually, I was compelled to type up something when I went to check Megatokyo today. It's truly scary the amount of time I've followed that comic. It was my very first. When I started reading it, Rodney Caston was still involved with the project, there were only a couple hundred comics to read, it was still in the four panel format, and if you talked to anyone, they would say, "mega-who?" Now everyone knows about it. It's evidently something of a sensation: a webcomic that is popular enough that the artist can draw full time. The art gets full marks from many of my relatives (not exactly a scientific metric, but one that matters in my life). Aunt Carol once said that she was genuinely impressed with the amount of obvious time he takes with the backgrounds. Everything is meticulously hatched. Sometimes I think that the artist, Fred Gallagher, is a bit OCD, but if that results in good comics, who am I to tease him for it?For you n00bs who don't know, Megatokyo is the story of two guys who get stuck in Tokyo without money or means to get home. They both end up acquiring jobs to varying degrees of success and get to deal with the madcap interplay among fans, zombies, zillas, ninjas, and fantasy girls in this imaginary Tokyo. The awesome thing about it, though, is that even though the characters are based on stereotypes, they have their own personalities, moments of introspection, and very human emotions. This is what keeps me with the comic. Funny can very easily cease to be funny anymore, but I'm a sucker for a storyline.

Some say that Megatokyo fans are the most forgiving in the world. I don't know if that's true or not. I've definitely gotten annoyed at the comic more than once for its late deadlines, but Mr. Gallagher always apologizes profusely for them eventually, and usually there's a good reason. For instance, he and his wife recently had a baby. Therefore, there hasn't been a comic posted on time for what seems like half a year. Still, I will not abandon this comic. Why? It was my first love. And the storyline still rocks. I want to know what happens to Yuki, dammit!

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