Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I must need my head examined...

Yes, I've caught it. The inevitable has happened: I've gotten into cosplaying.

Time and place I was bitten: Otakon 2009.

Symptoms: running all over God's green earth looking at fabric stores, asking coworkers at Lowes how to get a metallic sheen on plastic, staying up until the wee hours looking at websites, generally making a fool of myself in front of everyone

My companions in this time of tribulation: Miriam, Hillary, David, and Ginny

The mission: Tales of Symphonia cosplay
Miriam--> Presea
Hillary--> Collette
David--> Lloyd
Me--> Raine
It should be a doable first cosplay. Not exactly easy, but I'd be demmed if I was going to wear a slightly modified school uniform as a first cosplay. Everyone is taking care of their own outfits, but I also volunteered to take on some of the weapons, and Ginny is taking on the jewelry.

So my charges are: Two wooden swords, a squeaky hammer, and a wooden staff. I also have to make a pair of boot covers, a coat, and find a tunic and a pair of black pants. And let's not forget the wig. *out of my element*

Progress: Went ahead and bought the stain for both staff and swords at a 20% discount (special going on at Lowe's). Also have the wood for the sword: a beautiful 6' long clear piece of pine. I also got a hand plane for finer shaping. I need to get them done as soon as possible so I can send their dimensions to David so he can make the scabbards. I looked at the prices for the sticky gems you can get at craft stores, but it was difficult to think that buying a twenty gem assortment was at all economical since we would only be using the red. I found a Michael's in a nearby town and I'm going to go and look there. One package of various sizes and shapes of red would work marvelously. That's really what I am looking for.

I asked at the local fabric store. They have a bolt of bright orange canvas, and that would certainly give rise to a very stiff coat, but I don't know if I want to put up with how un-soft it is. T-T

So, I'm making progress. Slowly. This is new to me, okay?