Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tales of Bias tape

I am shamelessly stealing the title for this entry from someone's comment concerning the entire "Tales of" franchise on They said that it should really be called Tales of Bias Tape because all of the cosplays from those games use so much of it. Ain't that the truth! I will be the master at putting this stuff on when all is said and done! (Mwahahahaaa!)So these pictures aren't entirely up to date because I've accomplished a bit more since then, but that just means I'll have to write another entry sometime soon. First, my boots.I have no idea why blogger flipped this one. Oh well. I guess it thought it looked like a person. I know, they look awfully like mangled converse knock offs. The will become so much more, though! I had to make these into slip-ons before I could do anything with boot construction, so here it is. I'm terrible at hand sewing, especially when I have to use a thimble, as would be evinced by my beautiful not so straight line when I was finished!Once again, I don't know why blogger flipped it. White shoe does not equal person!

So the current rate for half inch double fold bias tape is about $1.50 per package of three yards. I needed much more than that. Much much more. I decided to make my own! This lead to nearly a full day of quality time with the iron trying to figure out what the best way to do this was, but now I am pretty confident that I can really crank out bias tape just in case I run out (Unlikely). I ended up making about 17 yards.
And last but not least, I give you Frankenshirt! I'd been putting off buying the fabric for the shirt because shirting fabric is so expensive. Then I got the sort of inspiration that normal intelligent folk probably thought of from the beginning. I am a small sort of individual. Why don't I just go out and spend a dollar or two on two stained white shirts from the thrift store, bleach them, cut them apart, and use the backs for the main body of the shirt and the sleeves for the collar? (I'm so smart!) The $2 shirt (Plus the cost of interfacing) isn't finished yet, so that will be in the next picture dump.