Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Because I am a terrible person... take two

Here's a selection of the best pictures from Otakon and Anime USA. Mostly for the sake of Rayless, who doesn't use Facebook, not that I blame her. Otakon was first, Anime USA second.

waiting in line... Why did we have to get there so early again?

Hare Hare Yukai lead by Haruhi. I couldn't resist.
These two won the cutest couple at the con award in my book. They lead a panel on how to properly put on a kimono.

It's Nova!

These people won best in show for hall cosplay. It took the guy a full year to make the Trinity Blood cosplay for both of them.

I found the Wonder Chef! I got a recipe for Lemon Cake!

Cutest Naruto cosplayers ever, although Sakura was definitely not happy to be there.

Italy of the Northern variety!

Waiting in line for a panel.

Steampunk panel. The difference between my pictures and the pictures taken with Hillary's camera prompted me to buy a new one. None of the pics really capture how awesome it was.

TURKEY! GET THE TURKEY! GET THE TURKEY! (Best quote of the weekend.)

Miriam is now a certified state alchemist with the watch to prove it.
Ion! Awwww...

Here's the beginning of Anime USA pictures. Some finished sword action pics. They look so much better with the polycrylic. The other side of the tsuba got finished as well. ^^

These two receive my con's cutest couple award for Anime USA. They were all dressed up to go to the Steampunk formal ball.

Most crazy grouping ever. Sync, Link, and Renji walk into a bar. The bar says, "Ouch!" Yes, that is Renji's Bankai behind them. She could actually carry that thing.

Death the Kid from Soul Eater

Here's the beginning of the Hetalia stalker photos. They were having a gigantic gather of all Hetalia cosplayers on the terrace, but there was no way we could get down there in time to take legit photos, so instead we stood up on the third floor and zoomed. Yes, these are taken through double paned glass. I love my camera.

Edit: After reading some message boards and stuff, I am realizing how incredibly sketchy it is that I took pictures like this. It was a photoshoot, and the elevators weren't working, so I couldn't have gotten down there in time, but if anyone in these pictures objects to the unorthodox way in which they were obtained, I will remove them, no matter how much I love how they turned out. Leave a comment with a ID or some other way to pinpoint that you are indeed a person in these photos instead of a random troll, and I'll do it.

Fave picture of the group. I love the drunk England.

If you are wondering who Hungary is going after with the frying pan, that would be Prussia.

Steampunk fashion models

Grandpa Rome!