Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She lives!

I was waiting until I got to school to do an actual update. So much has happened, including moving into the new house. I took a lot of pictures early on, but didn't do much afterwards, so only the old pictures go up here. This is one of the first pictures that we took off of our dock. Yes. Our. Dock. It's amazing. You can go out there on your pajamas and look at the water early in the morning.

Of course it wasn't fun immediately. This is a somewhat silly picture, although entirely candid, that is nicely illustrative of the sorts of things people do when moving. The television I bought for my dorm room a week ago is larger than the set my dad is watching.

The first thing unpacked was my muse. My aunt thought it was so unlike something I would own that she complained about it and nearly tossed it out.
And this is to show everyone that I wasn't lying about the knitting. These mitts were made for my sister using the free Knitty pattern Manresa.
Yes, I know they are supposed to go on your feet, not your hands. I think they look prettier as gloves, though. I added an afterthought thumb on line 58-ish of the pattern. The thumb was modeled after the one used in Fetching.
Also, I modified the cuff near the finger end by decreasing until I had as many stitches as I started with and then knitted it so it would be identical to the cast-on cuff.

My sister agrees that they look better on her hands.