Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here's to the future

So after a year long silence I finally come back, right? Okay. I had a good reason for my silence, nicely encompassed in two words: Physical Chemistry. That lovely little two semester class made orgo look like an adorable kitten. I got hardly any knitting done, and don't even get me started on my writing. It was depressing. Of course, now I am a blissful graduate with a degree in chemistry and no job. I guess you can't win them all.

So on the writing front, I doubt anyone's interested or even if anyone reads this thing, but Heart is coming along nicely, and I am almost done with Aurora's and Shadow's intros on Voyager's. I might even post a snippet of one of them soon.

Knitting: I finished Evangeline, but the person I was giving it to was rather hard to track down, so in order to give the gloves to her I practically had to kidnap her and drag her to my room. Then when the gloves were already on her hands I realized that I didn't have a finished picture of them, so I took one with my camera phone. Now the stupid picture is trapped on my phone, and there's no way that I can see to get it off of there, so yeah. There might be a picture eventually or there might not.

The next project I cast on was Chevalier and I am finished with one and at the beginning of the cabling on the second. Why do I always go for the wild crazy cable projects? I personally think that that might be why I keep my hair long. When I have it pulled back, my ponytail makes a great place to store needles when I am not using them.

The photo really doesn't do the mitten justice. I had to take it rather quickly and the light was bad. When both are finished I'll take a better one in natural sunlight.

One more thing I want to brag about: Origami. I started teaching myself how to do some pretty designs right before winter break so that I could use it as a study break during exams. Then I made the huge mistake of making one in front of the bride-to-be, my cousin. She immediately had the brilliant idea of making paper lilies out of this bandanna scrap-booking paper to match the theme of the rehearsal dinner. I spent the next couple of days making paper lilies until my fingers bled. Here are the finished, albeit unopened, results.

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