Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So the moving is all done now. The house looked so heartlessly plain I had to take a picture of it when everything was all said and done. I am existing in the limbo that is life between moves. But I realized that I hadn't posted any of the pictures associated with my final days in Sicily and my fight home. Everything went according to plan, except for the airlines losing my luggage again. >< Still, the airports were crazy as usual. In Heathrow they had even posted signs telling people not to beat up the airport personnel. This picture is not from Heathrow. It was from the Catania airport. I got through that line. It didn't look nearly that big from the ground, but I guess I was too busy doing line jumping. Yes, I am one of those people. No, I wouldn't do it anywhere else except in Italy, and I was only pushing ahead there because everyone else was. The best person at it when I was in line, though, was a nun.

Me at my very first wine tasting. It was a real hard decision whether to bring home this wine or the one I ended up bringing. In the end I settled for the red. It was so much fun, and the scenery couldn't be beat.
A meal I had at one of the coastal restaurants. It was so pretty I just had to photograph it. I think the place was called Spizzica or something like that.
I miss Italy. It was so beautiful, even when it wasn't trying to be. I needed to get home, though, and I am glad to be back in America.

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